Their are a variety of private lesson packages for all ages and skill levels or I will build a package for you! If considering any service, I will give you an evaluation free of charge. This is a very important part of the educational process, to help develop the proper curriculum for each student, baseball lessons.

Private lessons

  Mentoring Program​, Chicago, IL

  Motivational Speaking Program, Chicago, IL

  • Educational or academic mentoring - Helps mentored youth improve their overall academic achievement. 

  • Personal development mentoring - Helps mentored adults and youth during times of personal or social stress and provides guidance for decision making.

  • Career mentoring - Helps mentored adults and youth develop the necessary skills to enter or continue on a career path.
  • For Booking, scheduling, and more information  please visit the guest book or

Former Major Leaguer Wes Chamberlain private lessons mentoring


Packages                               Prices                                             Group            Students            Prices

Individual                                $65                                               1-2                        2                   $100

​5- Pack                                     $300                                             1-3                        3                   $90

​10-Pack                                    $540                                             1-4                        4                   $80

15-Pack                                    $750

20-Pack                                    $900

Location                                                                           (708) 675-2675  Slugfest 19152 S. 85th  Mokena, IL

(Private Lesson Package)                                                   (Group or Team Package 1-4 students)

(All Lessons are 30 minutes)                                               (All Lessons are 1 hour)